If there’s one word you’ll not find in our dictionary here at TigerDen Solutions, it is probably ‘Mediocrity’.
We take great pride in our capabilities as WordPress website development specialists, crafting sites that are unique, lightning fast, secure, mobile responsive and adaptive.

The Past

TigerDen Solutions arose when its founder Anand Bhandarkar wished to have a website developed for his retail establishment. He approached various firms to develop this website. While most of them collected a hefty sum of money, none of them developed it to the standards he expected.

The companies refused to stay up to date with regard to technology, using standards set in the 90s, while it was already the dawn of the millennium. This is when he decided to take matters into his own hands.

What started as a quest for self-learning, soon evolved into a business of its own, where his acquaintances saw how good the website had turned out, and requested him to develop their websites as well. Soon, he had a team of developers who he personally trained them on all aspects of web development, making them aware of the latest cutting-edge technology.

This was followed by several years of intense and continuous research into industry best practices and standards, ranging from the basics such as content, code and CMS to advanced parameters such as server side optimization, Apache & MySQL tweaking and OOP/Varnish caching. As WordPress evolved as a platform, so did TigerDen Solutions.


To date, we have designed 50+ tunning websites for clients across the globe. With regard to WordPress Development, there is no challenge that our experts at TigerDen Solutions are unable to successfully accomplish. With a deep insight into the core of the platform, we are the undisputed industry experts with all things WordPress

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